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Originally Posted by Mandalas View Post
I know this question has been asked many times, but I still can't seem to find a working solution.. Our store has over a thousand products that utilize options / variations, which we need to do batch edits on. From reading the forums and KB here, it is NOT possible to export/import products with options / variations.. Is this still true?? From a few of the other posts I've read, the Ecwid moderators have said they are "currently working on this feature and will be in the next release." These posts date back over 2 years. Where is the release with this update?

I also found some threads saying "As a workaround, you can develop special script, which will get the full list of your products (with options) using our Product API and save it in CSV file as you needed." However I have no idea how this is done and can't find any tutorials in the KB on how to implement this (also the average user should not have to write their own PHP script, that's why we pay you), can't you implement this into our dashboard somehow?

We desperately need a way to do batch edits! I know I'm not alone on this. Any help or update on this matter would be greatly appreciated as soon as possible! Thanks!

Thanks for your time!

You're right, the built-in import/export tools in Ecwid are currently limited as they don't include the whole set of product features. In particular, at the moment it is unfortunately not possible to export product options and variations. It is, however, partially possible to update the variations data via standard CSV import, I will get to it below in this post.

First, let me, please, describe the workarounds you can currently use for eporting/importing the product options.

1. Export options and variations.
As you mentioned in your message, product options and variations data is returned by Product API - this could be used as a workaround. For example, plese have a look at this output provided by Product API:

It represents one of the products in your store and contains the product's options and variations as well. That data can be obtained in some custom script and formatted in the desired way so that will produce a CSV (or any other format) as a result. Though there isn't a ready general-purpose solution for that. If you decide implement such thing, you will probably need to develop it yourself or hire a developer.

2. Import options.
As you probably know, it is possible to import product options in Ecwid in the X-Cart format (Control panel → Catalog → Products → Import products → 'X-Cart' tab). The details are here:

You can also find the examples of using this feature on the forums. Please refer to these threads, for example:

3. Import variations.
For those product variations that have their own SKU numbers, it is possible to import data via standard Ecwid import procedure. In order to do it, you will need to specify variations SKUs in the SKU column of import CSV file - the data you put in the import file's line will automatically update the corresponding variation in your store. This way, it is possible to update weight, image, price and quantity of a variation via CSV import.

I'd like to note that we understand your frustration on the matter and we really sorry for the troubles. We of course agree that abovementioned workarounds often require extra efforts and, in some cases, even programming skills. We surely know that many of our clients really need an easier and more convenient way to do it. The lack of extended import/export features in Ecwid worries us as well so we will surely improve the import tools in one of the future Ecwid versions. However, we cannot provide any ETA on this yet. Sorry.
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