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Default Any updates on Exporting CSV with Options / Variations?

I know this question has been asked many times, but I still can't seem to find a working solution.. Our store has over a thousand products that utilize options / variations, which we need to do batch edits on. From reading the forums and KB here, it is NOT possible to export/import products with options / variations.. Is this still true?? From a few of the other posts I've read, the Ecwid moderators have said they are "currently working on this feature and will be in the next release." These posts date back over 2 years. Where is the release with this update?

I also found some threads saying "As a workaround, you can develop special script, which will get the full list of your products (with options) using our Product API and save it in CSV file as you needed." However I have no idea how this is done and can't find any tutorials in the KB on how to implement this (also the average user should not have to write their own PHP script, that's why we pay you), can't you implement this into our dashboard somehow?

We desperately need a way to do batch edits! I know I'm not alone on this. Any help or update on this matter would be greatly appreciated as soon as possible! Thanks!

Thanks for your time!
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