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My website is

I been out of work for almost 3yrs now. Had really bad luck with education as I spent 5 grand on a home study course to do a pro web design course. Only the course provider went bust 2yrs ago, losing all my money.

I decided to do something I know and can do. Website isnt finished yet cuz i want to get the store done first.

I tried using a different Cart and recently tried this one and very impressed with the layout and how quick people reply.

Anyway I'm after your suggestions for doing the store.
I got different catergories like PC- goes to Video files, Virus removal etc, Photos goes to negative scanning etc.

Some of these services I offer require the customer to email/call for a quote so some items dont have prices on.
What is the best way to display these products and once I've worked out a quote for a customer, how/where can I send a form for payment, like an email with a link?

The next issue is some services have prices but if theres a very large order where they need a quote, how do I add that to the drop down menu without a price of 0.00

Any suggestions would be great. thanks again.