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Hi there,

Edward here, Ecwid Team.

Thank you for the message. Let's try to sort that out.

the regular customers can still see the "storefront" that was created for the wholesale customers.
It's possible to display certain categories/products for particular customer groups only.

The first method requires a bit of CSS coding.

In order to do so, please follow the steps below:

1) Create as many customer groups as needed.
2) Create a root category for each group.
3) Add necessary products and subcategories to each root category.
4) Go to the Ecwid Control Panel → Settings → Design → Edit theme → Add CSS that will show a specific category for a particular group only to the bottom of the field → Activate and Save

You can find a detailed guide on what CSS you should use in the following forum post:

Secondly, you can make certain categories available by the link only. For example, you'll be able to share this link with your wholesale customers.

The steps are the following: create a root category -> create a sub-category in the root category -> add products to the sub-category -> open the sub-category on your website and copy the link -> disable the root category.

Then this category will be available with the link only and it won't be visible in your storefront.

Thirdly, you can create a password-protected page on your website and add a wholesale category there. So only visitors with the password will be able to see it.

In order to do so, you should use the following approach:

2 - when anyone does a search, it brings up the wholesale priced items as well. This will confuse both parties.
This one is a bit more complicated in terms of effort, however, it's still quite easy to do.

It can also be done with a bit of CSS coding.

With the below code, you can hide any product you want. The code looks like that:

/* Hides a product from the search results  */
div.ecwid-productBrowser-SearchPage td.ecwid-product-id-PRODUCTID {
display: none;
/* Shows a product in the search results to the customers from a customer group*/
body.ecwid-customer-group-CUSTOMERID .ecwid-productBrowser-SearchPage td.ecwid-product-id-PRODUCTID {
display: block;

Where PRODUCTID is the ID(number) of the product. Here's how you can find the product ID: Note that the product ID should be the same in both codes.

CUSTOMERID is the ID(number) of the customer group. The process to find this one is described above.

You should copy both these codes for each product you want to hide from the search result. The only thing that will change is the PRODUCT ID. Everything else remains the same.

Then add the code to hide the number of results found because the number won't match with actually found products as we hide some of them.

/* Hides the number of results found */
html#ecwid_html body#ecwid_body div.ecwid-results-topPanel div.ecwid-results-topPanel-itemsCountLabel {
display: none;
Also, it's possible to customize a search widget specifically for your store. So the widget will operate under the rules that you define.

This widget can be created with the help of our API, which is open and free for all paid users.

The creation of such solution will require programming skills. If you need assistance with this, our Customization Team will be happy to help you for an extra fee. If you are interested, please fill out this form: they will get back to you with the details.

I hope this helps.
Ecwid Customer Care Team
More tips and hints on Ecwid use in Ecwid Help Center

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