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Default The "Random products" WordPress module

Hello everyone.

I have just written a useful module for Wordpress integration of Ecwid (, which can display random products.

Newest version of plugin can be found here:

Instruction on how to use shortcodes and widgets is here:

Instruction on how to install and configure plugin is here:

If you have any questions on this module, feel free to ask in this thread or pm me.

If you have an idea about what should be added to the module, please pm me. Don't post it in this thread. It shouldn't be necessarily related to random products: it can be everything you would find useful. I cannot promise I will add the feature, but I will surely consider your suggestion.

UPDATE [2012-08-25]:
I am working on new version of plugin right now. It will have several cool features:
* Bestsellers
* On Sale products
* Latest Products

These new features will be commercial, but all the functionality you are using now will be available for free. Do not worry about it!

If you have time, could you please fill in the form here:

It will help us to make the new version of plugin better + we will give a discount to everyone who specifies their store ID.

Thanks a lot in advance.

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