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Originally Posted by evie.milo View Post
What is the turn around for the integration service? I emailed from my work email address this morning to ask about it and not had a response. I need a shop integrated into a client's website fairly quickly i.e. tomorrow/saturday - and as there's been no reply to my email I don't feel very confident about purchasing the service as I'm not sure it will get done in time - so think I should get on and do it myself even though my workload is a bit overstretched at the moment.

Can you enlighten me and let me know more about the service and how quickly it can take to get a shop up and running and integrated and also find out whether my email will get answered.

many thanks
Evie Milo

Usually we reply in one business day(i.e. 24 hours). Of course, urgent requests are processed immediately.

The customization of your store(i.e. the "Unique Design for Ecwid" service) will take more than 1 day. I'd say it will take about 5-7 days depending on the load of our design team.

However this service isn't required to install Ecwid. So for example you can try to install it yourself and customize later.
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