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Originally Posted by designsbyryn View Post

I have just released several new products and noticed that the inventory is not being deducted automatically. The sales have gone through and I have received a notification from both Ecwid and PayPal.

I am worried that the rest of my products may not have correct inventory totals now as well.

Can you please help me to resolve this issue?
Thank you!

Ecwid updates the product inventory automatically: if a product has certain quantity in stock (setup in Ecwid control panel>Catalog>Products>product editing page, section "Stock Control"), it's reduced once this product has been bought.
To understand why the inventory wasn't updated in your store, we need to examine the order history closely. Please, let me know the following:
- names or SKUs of the products in question
- IDs of the sales
- What makes you think that the inventory wasn't deducted?

Thank you!
Lana W.
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