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Originally Posted by Marc99990706 View Post
unfortunately the Ecwid basic shop is not legally complaint with EU laws as this laws clearly say that a TOS link needs to be placed on the checkout page (near the checkout button). Ecwid for uncomprehensible reasons provides this functionality on the cart/account page one step before checkout and not like the law requires it.
Maybe the rules are a bit different in different EU countries but in my country (Germany) it is definitly not legally complaint like this what was not only confirmed by my laywer but could be found in numerous sources.....


It's Mary from the Ecwid Customer Care team.

Ecwid automatically ads a link to TOS above the "Checkout" button which displays on the first step of the checkout process. The link will display providing that the Terms of Service text is added in Settings > General > Legal pages.

Here is a screenshot of how it looks:

Besides, there is also an option to copy a link to Terms of Service page or any other legal page and place it anywhere on the website. Here is a link to instruction on how this can be done: Getting links to legal pages

It seems that there is a discrepancy in the interpretation of the law by your consultant and our team. We always want to make sure that Ecwid is compliant with EU laws and that is why my colleagues have discussed this situation with German lawyers as well. They didn't find any issues with the link to the TOS page added above the "Checkout" button.

We have already passed your feedback to the developers' team and they will check this once again. They will consider adding a link to the TOS page above the "Place Order" button that appears on the last step of the checkout process. Your email is already added to the list of store owners waiting for it to be released.

Hope this helps.
Maria G.
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