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Default don't use Ecwid in the EU if you don't want to get into legal troubles

unfortunately the Ecwid basic shop is not legally complaint with EU laws as this laws clearly say that a TOS link needs to be placed on the checkout page (near the checkout button). Ecwid for uncomprehensible reasons provides this functionality on the cart/account page one step before checkout and not like the law requires it.
Maybe the rules are a bit different in different EU countries but in my country (Germany) it is definitly not legally complaint like this what was not only confirmed by my laywer but could be found in numerous sources.

Now this would be not a big problem if it would be possible to adopt this and add this things on the checkout page yourself but unfortunately this is not possible.
After contacting the support the only solution that was offered to me is to implement this by hiring expensive customization service.

In my opinion it shouldn't be necessary to pay extra just to make a shop legally complaint also not to upgrade to an unlimited plan so it is possible to use and app to add extra text on the checkout page.

The basic plan is pretty much worthless at least in my country as it can't be used in a legally complaint way.

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