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What you describe is a direct result of how you set up your shipping.

You have created 2 exactly similar zones with only different names, but covering the same territories (New Zealand as country and all of its states). Since the zones don't differ, they will both match the addresses that have that country and those states.

Than you have created 2 shipping methods, one has 7.90 per order rate for one zone, another has 7.90 rate for another zones. Since both zones will match any New Zealand based address, both those rates are in action, and those 2 user-defined shipping methods show up on checkout with the same rate, since you set it the same for both.

If you defined a fixed per item rate in the product details page > Tax and Shipping tab, it adds per item, not once per order.

What you need to do is:

1. Define your zones so that they describe 2 different regions, not just the whole NZ. Most probably, the states do differ between tghose territories, don't they?

2. Preferably don't use 2 different shipping methods called by the territory - customers usually already know where they live. A much better approach is to have just one delivery method, named after how the parcel is delivered, not where it is delivered (in your case - courier delivery would do it). Under it, define 2 different rates for 2 different zones.

The last part, about the additional cost for one of the products, does not have a good solution in Ecwid, unfortunately. It will either charge per item, or you can add that cost per order regardless iа that order contains that product.