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Originally Posted by John R Perry View Post
I am not really sure how to articulate the problem beyond the 'Topic Title' so it's probably better if you just take a look, click on any of the items and you'll see what I mean.

I did something to the css, I just don't know when I did it so I'm having trouble finding the exact cause.

I actually just checked a few ecwid stores and this is happening in every store. Any idea whats going on?

Sorry for keeping you waiting.

Well, in order to force scroll behaviour, we have added a special tag to deal with it: if Ecwid detects

<div id="ecwid_product_browser_scroller"></div>
on the page, it always scrolls to this tag.

For instance, if you add <div id="ecwid_product_browser_scroller"></div> right after the <body> tag, Ecwid will always scroll to the top of the page on transition between store pages.
This tag should be added to the source code of the page where your store is located.

Yet, I’ve taken a look at your website, and while I couldn’t recreate the issue in Chrome browser, it’s visible on a smaller screen in Firefox:

The reason here is actually not some CSS change, but the header of the page: its position is fixed, and because of this while the issue couldn’t be recreated on larger screens, it’s visible on small screens.

In practical terms, to solve this I can suggest editing the header of your website (or at least of the page where your store is located). Since as I can see you are using Adobe Muse, here’s on doing this in it:
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