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Originally Posted by alan View Post
Works great man, just what i was looking for. However, adding a "profits" cell next to "overall monthly sales volume" in each month might be handy. I know this is probably pretty easy to do. Just have to subtract the sales minus the cost. Another thing, you mentioned something about adding sku's. In my case, i use my own upc #'s. Would it be too hard to add (maybe a vlookup function) in the master inventory sheet, so when i scan an item, it checks if i have it, and if not, adds it to the inventory sheet? Thanks for the great work. Would appreciate any hints or comments.

I am updating to a new version... Be on the look out. I have updated the formulas to be in tables so that data will be much more "mineable" and easier to follow.

As well, I have added your profit sheet information.