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Hi there,

Alexandra is here, Ecwid team. Thanks for reaching us out!

I am unable to receive payments via PayPal as well. This is a new store and have not received any payments as yet, upon testing the PayPal, discovered that it does not work. The link to my store is :
Ryan, I've tested your store both on desktop and mobile devices but I haven't been able to notice any issues so far. On the checkout, I am successfully redirected to the PayPal page to complete the payment. Do you still reproduce the issue on your end? If you do, please let me know as much details as possible:

– What steps should be taken to reproduce the problem?
– Do you get any error message checking out with PayPal? If you do, please attach a screenshot (do not include any personal/CC details).
– What device, OS and browser version do you have? We will try to replicate the issue in similar environment.

Thanks! I look forward to your reply.
Alexandra Scully,
Ecwid Customer Care Team