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Originally Posted by Giorgi Vardanidze View Post
Hallo everyone,
I want to translate ecwid in Georgian Language, But i do not know how to do this and upload to my ecwid page. Please someone help me with this problem and i will start my translation

We really appreciate your interest, and your contribution to making Ecwid available to users from all over the world would be a valuable one.

There are actually two possible solutions, so I’ll let you decide, which one you like the most.

The first one is to apply translation by manually changing texts in your storefront by means of adding special javascript code to your shop page. There’s a thorough manual, which would make this task an easy one. This solution is definitely the fastest one, but it requires your site page source code to be available for altering. This solution would require you to have a site with open source code, or a wix/joomla/ site.

Second solution involves the tool we created to ease the translation experience, since Ecwid is now simultaneously translated into many languages, and this tool allows anyone to contribute.
The translation, once it’s added to Ecwid by our team, will apply globally. In other words, by doing this you might help thousands of people, who might want to see their storefronts in Georgian. Another good thing is that you won’t have to do this alone - as I’ve said, anyone can contribute.

If you like this solution more, here’s a link to the guide explaining it: