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Originally Posted by Weatherford Little League View Post
In WORDPRESS... there is NO "GO TO CHECKOUT" LINK + When I click on Shopping Bag, it just goes straight to the Category window.

Here is my site...
you can test it by filling out all the info and then clicking on the Shopping Bag. You'll see it "flash" for a second (showing the cart) and it automatically redirects to the Store Root Category (browser window). Here's a screenshot of that process:

BTW, works perfect on FACEBOOK, but not on the Wordpress site.

I need this site to go directly to the CART and need it to go live immediately, but it's not working. Any help is much appreciated.

P.S. I do not have Shareaholioc plugin.

I've just inspected your site. The cart page properly appears for me and allows proceeding with checkout. Screenshot:

If the issue still persists, please let me know what browser you use. Does it reproduce in other browsers?

Thank you.
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