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Hi there,

It's Alex Flint from Ecwid Customer Care Team. Thanks for reaching us out! I'm here to help you.

I have product A that I want to ship in USA for a flat fee, and product B that I want calculated shipping in USA. All of them will have international calculated shipping.
I understand, what you are trying to achieve. However, this requires separating shipping methods between product types. Unfortunately Ecwid doesn't have a feature to assign individual shipping methods to products yet. Shipping methods defined at Ecwid Control panel > System Settings > Shipping apply to all products globally.

You can set the flat shipping rate for a certain product in your Ecwid Control Panel > Catalog > Products > Certain Product > Tax and Shipping > Fixed Rate Per Item.

However in this case global shipping rates won't be applied to your product.

It is possible to implement the feature you want by means of a custom application based on our API. This option requires programming skills, so you may think about hiring a 3rd-party developer. Also, the application can be developed by our Customization Team. Let us know, if you are interested in this option, and they will contact you and you’ll discuss details. Or you can contact them and request a quote yourself.

Hope I was helpful. If you have any new questions — feel free to ask.