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Originally Posted by Water Beareer View Post
I have completed the demo sale. It keeps asking me to complete it on your site. How do I get this to show completed and that my store is open?
Thanks Kimberly
Hello Kimberly

The “Place test order” button in the setup wizard available through Dashboard of your Ecwid control panel is used to make a test purchase and should link to one of your products of your store. Right now, if you click this button you are just getting sent to the home page of your site.

In order to be redirected to store page, you should set the link to the site’s page, where Ecwid store is installed in your Ecwid Control Panel > Settings > General > Store Front URL textfield. It should contain URL.

Once you do this you can proceed to the dashboard and make a test purchase via the “Place test order” button.
Sergey G., Ecwid Team
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