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Originally Posted by Tomas Persson View Post

DHL is not showing as an alternative for shipping? You say that it should excist in you compare plans shippment tab?

Regs Tomas
Sorry, that's a mistake on that page, we will correct that soon. Ecwid had a built in integration for carrier calculated DHL Airborne shipping methods, but it was removed from Ecwid in the end of February 2012 because of 2 reasons:

1. DHL API was broken, returning invalid rates for our requests, and their support was unwilling to rectify this
2. For 2 years of Ecwid no real store was ever using DHL shipping methods.

We decided these 2 factors together spell the end of support for DHL Airborne carrier calculated methods in Ecwid.

Now it is possible to set up any shipping costs manually using the user-defined shipping methods instead. Please, let us know if you need help with that.
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