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Originally Posted by jeykey View Post
Hello everyone,

I have the following question:
Is it possible to add a custom field that asks the user for his VAT identification number

1) only show this field if the user comes from a certain region
2) make this input field required

I only found this hack so far:

Is it possible to amend this solution to meet my requirements or is there any better solution?

I hope you can help me,
kind regards,

Nobody seems to have a answer Do you know if it is at least possible to make e.g. the Company or the Second Address field 'required'?


Sorry for such a long delay with the answer.

You are right, at the moment the available options to add Tax ID field to the checkout is using one of the options from this instruction: How to request additional information from customers

Unfortunately there is no built in option allowing to make the Company name or the Second Address field mandatory.

As a possible workaround I can suggest you using the Phone number field for the tax ID input, as it is actually possible to make the Phone number field mandatory. So you can rename the Phone number field to Tax ID field using the instruction from this article: How can I change any text in my storefront, and then just check the 'Require phone number on checkout' option in the Ecwid control panel, System Settings → General → Cart. This field will be required in both shipping and billing address then, if that checkbox is checked.
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