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Originally Posted by NZAccess View Post

I have read around and still can't seem to track down a suitable answer.

I want to remove the 'Add to Bag" button on all Single Product Widgets only. I would like the button to remain in the product browser and any other 'main' aspects of the ECWID shop.

If someone could either provide me with some sound advice, or point me to a link which has such advice I would be greatly appreciated!



Generally Single product widget is used to provide the customers with an opportunity to purchase a product right from the site page without entering the store. “Add to bag button” is actually the main element of the single product widget, that is why there is no obvious way to remove it. However, you can do it by removing the following part of the code from single product widget code for all the products you are displaying on the site page:

<script type="text/javascript">// <![CDATA[xAddToBag('productid=XXXXXXXX');//]]></script>
After you change the single widget code this way, only general product information will be available on the site page.
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