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Originally Posted by Clearly Helena View Post
All the previous info about changing the category text size in the horizontal menu is outdated and no longer works.
The underlying css seems to have changed a lot.
How do we now change the category text size?

Hello Helena,

I'm very sorry about that! In order to change the category text size in the horizontal menu, please, add the following code to your active CSS theme in Ecwid control panel>Settings>Design:

 .horizontal-menu-container.horizontal-desktop .horizontal-menu-item>a span {
    font-size: 16px;
Then click "Save” (Ctrl+S) and reload the storefront page.

To change the size, set another value of “font-size” (e.g., 20px to make it bigger, or 10px to make smaller).

Please, feel free to ask if you need further assistance. Thank you!
Daria L.
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