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Originally Posted by Laura Gasparrini View Post
I would like to redirect customers who buy a specific hidden product to a custom thank you page. Is this possible? If so, How can I accomplish that?

I don't want all my customers going to the custom thank you page, just the ones who buy the hidden product.

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When customers finish orders they’re redirected back to the store and see ‘Thank you for your order’ page with the order details. It is possible to do a redirect to another page, yet it requires developing of a script with use of Ecwid Javascript API. You will find the code in this post:

However, this solution will work for all your products and not to specific ones. If you want to redirect customers who buy a specific product - it will need another custom solution and programming, and I can’t offer you a ready one unfortunately. If you need professional assistance with this development, I can suggest you contacting Qualiteam ( Please, send a message at with project description for the quote.
Sergey G., Ecwid Team
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