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Originally Posted by Kate Soroka View Post
As of a couple of weeks ago, when I try to print my invoices through the store with the "print Invoice" button, they print extremely large. The font is large, the heading is large. I have tried to print with various browsers such as, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer on several different machines and the result is the same. Is it possible that I can go back to how the invoice used to print, which fit on one page?


store ID: 1029335
Hi Kate,

Thank you for reporting. I've examined this Ecwid store. The invoices are shown and saved in normal font for me. Please, clarify, is the large font displayed when you click 'print invoice' button (in Ecwid control panel, Sales page), or after you save it on your computer? Or does it appear large after you have printed an invoice on a printer machine?
Could you take a screenshot to illustrate the problem?

Look forward to hearing from you.
Lana W.
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