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Originally Posted by Martinela Martin View Post

I have set up 2 zones UK and Ireland and 2 flat rates

when I try to checkout it doesn't allow me, I get the message wrong postal code, we only ship within the united kingdom.

I have tested with a UK address and it works, the problem is that the customer is given the option to select the flat rate to Ireland €10 or flat rate to UK €15, shouldn't it be showing the correct one based on the shipping address?

I have tried entering a few email addresses and I get a message "incorrect email address"

Thank you for your help,
Hello Elena,

thanks for your message!

In Ecwid you can set up shipping methods based on customer's location. In order to achieve this, you should create destination zones in your Ecwid control panel > Settings > Zones page and assign the shipping methods to these zones. Each zone should cover the area with the same shipping cost. Here is the detailed info about Destination Zones in Ecwid:

I checked your settings in Ecwid control panel > Settings > Zones and as I see you created two zones there: Ireland and UK. UK zone is setup correctly. There is an error in your Ireland zone — the zone is empty at the moment (you have not added countries, states or zip codes to it), please see the screenshot:

Thus on the checkout page you see an error that only ship within the United Kingdom. In order to fix the issue you need to add Ireland to the country list in your "Ireland" zone. Click "Add country" button and then choose Ireland, screenshot:

Do not forget to save the changes. Once you do this — your shipping methods will work correctly. In this article you can find the detailed info about shipping in Ecwid:

Hope, this helps! If you have any questions, please, let me know.
Daria L.
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