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Originally Posted by Gabriel Frey View Post
Dear Arhutr

thank you so much for the input, I was exactly searching this and couldnt find anything some weeks ago! It must be a pretty new app

Unfortunately Weebly doesnt let me try the App as I would have to sign up for the much more expensive Business Plan (I am Pro, running on a older pricing which is significantly cheaper). Also I can not find any detailed documentation of your Weebly App online, so my following questions is:

What are the benefits / differences of the App vs. the Code Embeding Method? E.g. is it faster to set up a store? Does the App use some E-commerce features of Weebly (this is what I heard from Weebly...) etc.

Hi Gabriel,

Thanks for your reply!

Yes, the app is really new. That's why there is no documentation on it yet. We are going to add the detailed article in our Help Centre soon.

The app is available only on the Business plan provided by Weebly, unfortunately. We'd love to provide Weebly customers with ability to use our app on any plan, but that's Weebly's policy.

As for the benefits of using the app comparing to the code embeding, there are few of them:
- The app has an interface for store layout adjustments (e.g. how many products are displayed on the page, how many categories in row, etc.)
- It has a Chameleon theme integrated. This allows your Ecwid store to adapt the colors of your website automatically.
- App can use website's API. This ability is not used yet, however it may be used in future to integrate with the website more closely.

So, as you can see, there are no significant limitations if you prefer to add Ecwid to your website with the help of the code for now.
You will be able to adjust the storefront layout right in the code and change the colors with the help of custom CSS theme.

I hope that it helps. Please let me know if you have anymore questions.
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