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Hi thank you for your reply. Yes I've entered the same postal code and weight along with the box dimension, which I can't input into Ecwid, and got different results. Today I seem to be getting another result through Ecwid. My website is I've put one Iphone case into the shopping cart (which is 100grams) and put L4V 1N3 as my destination postal code. It's being shipped from L9T 3Y6 postal code. Today I'm getting $10.42 - 8 days shipping through Ecwid, whereas Canada Post is giving me $9.76 - 1 business day for the same thing. What concerns me more is if I add more items to the cart, either more quantity of the same item or adding different items in there as well, my shipping charges stay the same. I've tried adding 15 Iphone cases and 10 mousepads (since they're all light) and still got the same $10.42 rate. Am I doing something wrong?