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Originally Posted by James Smith910 View Post
Why does my store at Ecwid charge shipping but when my payment goes to my paypal the money is not there for the shipping...
Paypal shipping say's 0.00 and the shipping amount charged in my store was not sent to paypal..

Can anyone help. just lost a lot of money..

Hello James,

I am extremely sorry that you faced this issue.

Let me explain you first about how online payment methods work in Ecwid.

- At first, your client go to your Ecwid store, adds products to cart and goes to checkout.
- Then, on the "Payment Details" page he/she clicks "Continue" button and Ecwid redirects your customer to the secure payment gateway page (Paypal for example). Ecwid in its turn also transfers to the payment system the data about customer and order.
- The payment happens only on the side of the payment gateway after which the payment gateway sends to Ecwid information about transaction: whether the order was paid or not. According to this data Ecwid shows order status. (Paid, Awaiting Payment etc.)
So, the statuses are updated automatically after Ecwid receives the reply from the payment gateway.

For more information refer to this article.

First of all, please check all Settings in your Paypal account. Here is an article about Paypal settings and possible errors.

Then, provide me with the number of the order you have the issue and we will continue further investigation.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Daniya A.
Ecwid Customer Care Team

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