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Originally Posted by Rachel Hoyle View Post
How do I remove the (+£X.XX) on the drop down???

See image!

Ecwid always shows the price modifier that you have set for product option. It is required in order to show customer how much will selected option costs, before s/he adds product with this option to the cart.

If you don’t want to show price modifiers in the dropdown lines, I recommend you to use product variations functionality, which allows to set the absolute, final, combined price for each product variation (i.e. how much exactly this product will cost once a customer selects this set of options for it). In this case, product price will dynamically change as customer selects, and price modifiers will not be shown in the dropdowns or radio buttons.

Unfortunately, there is no CSS workaround to hide the product modifiers in the dropdowns because each line in the dropdown can only be represented with single HTML element, so you can either hide the whole line or have it totally visible,
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