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I've checked your store a couple of times, and indeed it seems so. The message is present.

I've tested a couple of other shops, that use Brasil Correios, but they all worked fine.

Then, I've copied your company's address to my test store (the one marked in your Control Panel, the one we calculate shipping from), and it did not give me any options. I saw the message: "Sorry, we do not ship packages to this location".

No matter what address I put in.

Then, I noticed, that the zip code you have is quite strange — 80000-000. So I changed that to 81110-520 (Rua Elói Orestes Zeglin, 157 - Pinheirinho, Curitiba - PR). And it worked for me.

I've also tested it on your store.

Please, tell me if the zip code 80000-000 is your real zip code, because from what I can surmize it's just the starting zip code of Curtiba.

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