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Thank you for contacting Ecwid customer care.

Really sorry, that you've had this kind of experience with Ecwid.

I've checked your account and replicated the issue. Our developers will look into that, and I hope, that soon, we'll be able to resolve this for you.

As I understand there is no chance, those account credentials have a typo in them? Just making sure here.

We will investigate this. I will keep you updated by email (associated with your account).

So far, the workarounds would be:

— Use our default account in Brasil correios

— You can consider disabling Brasil correios shipping method temporarily (in your Ecwid control panel > Settings > Shipping & Pickup) and creating a custom table shipping method to ensure your customers will receive proper shipping rates. Here’s the instructions on how to do that:

I also noticed, that there are some issues with your zones setup. Especially, the Brazil zone. Please, see screenshot:

If you go to your Control Panel > Settings > Zones > Brazil you will be able to see what I'm talking about.

By putting these three numbers (zip codes) in the zip code box you limit the delivery zone to those zip codes. I advise you to erase them, otherwise the majority of your potential customers will not get the shipping rates.

If you ship only within Brazil, you should leave it with only the country configured in the zone. No other settings needed. Other settings were merely created to restrict or narrow down the delivery zone.

Or is that something you wanted to do?

Looking forward to your reply.
Ecwid Customer Care Team