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Default Excellent Excel File

This is something I have been looking for and I think this is great for my online business.
However just wanted to know if I could incorporate few features to make it perfect.
Most have already suggested/asked what I am about to ask.
They are:-

1) I know you mentioned if more than 1 quantity was sold, it has to be logged separately. Is there a way of putting the quantity instead of doing one by one? Very difficult especially if I sell 50-100 pcs for some items (another wholesale biz)

2) Is there a way of adding postal cost? Read the suggestion by one of the members earlier, so I guess if not possible I will use his suggestion but that would be a standard postage price in the master sheet which is again difficult since different locations have different cost.

3) Also the discount is in %. Is it possible to provide dollar amount discount?

Thank you.