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Originally Posted by Gregs Graphics View Post
So, there's no way to change this with the free version?

Product Options feature is available for all Ecwid plans, including free version, while Product Variations are available at Business Plan and higher (Compare plans:

Let me explain how these features work so that you see the difference.

Product Options allow customers to choose some properties of purchased goods (like sizes), and for each property you can specify a price modifier (which increases/decreases the product price). These modifiers are shown next to each option, e.g.
- S (-$5)
- M (+$2)
- L (+$7)

All these modifiers are applied to the main product price, but the price changes cannot be seen on the product page, only in the shopping bag. We are planning to improve this feature, so that price is changed according to options selected. If you are interested in this, please, vote for this idea and we will notify you when it is implemented:

Product Variations are based on product options, i.e. that is a variation of options. An example variation: size “S” - color “green”. At that a variation can be considered as a separate product, with its own picture, price, SKU, availability in stock, weight, etc.

As each variation has it’s own price, once customer selects a variations they can see the product price changed on the fly right on the product page.

Please, refer to our knowledge base to compare these features

If there are any questions, let me know.