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Originally Posted by Dragons Hoard View Post
I'm looking around for a Wordpress theme for my shop, and most of the themes I've liked say something like "configured for woocommerce" or "compatible with jingoshop" or "built alongside cart66" I'm completely new to this whole website building/owning thing, and I really don't want to change from ecwid. Ecwid is so simple to work with compared to everything else I've tried, and it also allows me to do complex shipping, etc.

I don't want to purchase a theme that will interfere with the way that ecwid works. I appreciate any help and insight you might have.

Glad to hear you like Ecwid. Thank you!

Ecwid store can be integrated into any web site - if you can add few lines of Javascript code to the page, Ecwid will work there. It is true for Wordpress too and it doesn't matter what theme is used. Just install our ready WP plugin and Ecwid will work on your site. Please refer to this article for the details:

If you face any trouble with integration of Ecwid on your site, please let us know, we will help.
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