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Originally Posted by Clay View Post
We are having an XML feed set up for our store to send orders for books to a fulfillment house. We also have event registrations in the store that are entered as "Products" (no weight assigned, so intangible). Is there a setting that would prevent Ecwid from sending alerts for a selected category (in this event, the "Conferences" category)? In other words, how can I prevent order confirmations for Intangible goods from being sent via XML to the fulfillment provider?

If I get it right, you already has some custom integration scripts that get orders info from Ecwid, transform it to XML and forward it to the fulfillment's servers. And you want to prevent Order API or Instant Order Notifications (or both of them) from sending info about the order containing some particular products.

It is not possible to do it on Ecwid side, because APIs are supposed to provide every available information. On the other hand, basing on the provided info, the script that you use for retrieving the store data can decide how a received data needs to be processed. So, in your custom script that uses Ecwid APIs, you can parse the incoming data, check what products are purchased and forward that data to the fulfillment provider's server if needed. Order API returns ordered items and their IDs, so if you already have some script that processes orders data, it wouldn't be difficult to modify it a little so that it will 'ignore' some of the orders. I'd recommend contacting the developer who made the integration for you regarding this adjustment.
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