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Originally Posted by Olive View Post
Thanks for both of your replies. I went ahead and installed WP Super Cache and it was a real nightmare to get working. I think usually it is easy to install, but because I've made some changes to my wordpress installation to improve security (eg, moved htaccess out of its default directory among other things) which caused the installation to fail.

I did manage to get it working in the end with some dedicated troubleshooting and now that it's working I have also noticed a great increase in speed. I'm also pleased to note that content loaded in java and ajex isn't effected (ie it doesn't cache these types of scripts) and therefore ECWID seems to load exactly as normal.
Hi Olive,

Glad to hear that now everything works fine.

Thank you a lot for sharing your experience on our forum. I'm sure some member forums will find it useful for them.

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