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Originally Posted by LOT View Post

So I've been running ECWID on my Wordpress site for a while. My host provider = Hostgator and they include the plugin WP Super Cache by default on their new WP installs.

I removed this plugin when setting up my site as I figured that it wouldn't be necessary being a small site etc. Now that I am getting more products and pages setup (an ongoing process) I'm wondering if I should be running this cache plugin or an alternative.

I'm aware that best SEO practice dictate that your site load/perform as fast as possible. This is obviously the case when thinking about the customer-end too. Therefore my questions are:

  • Should I be using a cache plugin?
  • Will this work fine with ECWID/ajex etc?
  • Will this have any negative impacts on my site?
  • I did read somewhere that WP Super Cache causes issues with the new "Recently Viewed Products" ECWID feature, is this true?


Thanks for contacting us.

It is a good idea to use WP Super Cache to speed up the work of your website. Ecwid itself is fast, but this plugin can help you optimize other WordPress pages.

Actually, Super Cache plugin should work fine with Ecwid. However since this plugin was developed by WordPress, the best option for you would be to give it a try on your website and see how that works. If something goes wrong, you can always uninstall it, as described here

We will greatly appreciate it if you write here the results you get. It may help other forum members who think about using WP Super Cache plugin.

Also, you can read more advice on how you can speed up your site in our blog here

Hope to hear from you. Feel free to ask any other Ecwid related questions. We’ll be glad to help.
Ecwid Customer Care Team

More tips and hints on Ecwid use in our Help Center

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