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Originally Posted by steven.sandberg View Post
Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your answer, actually I do want to add an image to my description.. I have already added a main product image and a gallery as you described. But I need to ad an image of the available colors in my description. There is an "add image" buton in the wysywig editor, and I would like to know the path to use for this.
My shop is selling stickers and my customers can choose the color. So later on I will also add the "options" option.
Perform the following steps:

1. Upload your images to any free image hosting. For example Flickr.

2. Grab URLs of uploaded images.

3. Open the necessary product for editing.

4. Press "image" icon in description WYSIWYG editor. A pop-up window will appear.

5. Enter the image URL and save the changes.
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