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Hello Maya,\
What is this about are you now connecting to etsy. I am interested as in the past months I was looking to putting some of my products to Etsy cart.(another question) Why is it that my store is not recieving the merit that it deserves I am a sales person and have worked with sales for years. A question with 3000 people on my business and profile page what would say is not working with your company bring my sales to my shopping cart. As I talked with Mattvey I am now having to work in a call center because my sales were not put in my cart. Not being able to put the time in my cart what is your companies policy on providing honor to a storefront that works with business ethics. Your company can not say that I have not got one sale. The sales that went through are my test sales. I need one of your business reps to get serious. I can not keep waiting for your company to move. I looking at what your company has done to stop my revenue. I want a manager looking at my storefront. Owner Anita Calabrese