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Originally Posted by Sherrell View Post
Is it possible to import more than 1 image URL when importing from Etsy to Ecwid and how if so?

another user may have stated it better:
"The knowledgebase says to cut it down to 5 columns with these headings 1) NAME 2) DESCRIPTION 3) PRICE 4) QUANTITY 5) IMAGE URL So basically I am only allowed to import 5 columns, however I have 4 extra columns for image urls because I have 5 images for each item. Therefore I have 9 columns in total. My question is, how can I import all 5 image URL's."

Hello Sherrel,

Ecwid allows to import 14 columns in total, actually. You can find the full list of columns that can be import in our knowledge base here:

However, you can import only one image for each product now. Alas, it is not possible to transfer images to the product's gallery yet. If you consider that this functionality should be added in Ecwid, please, feel free to vote for this idea here:

If any other help with products import is required, please, let us know.
Maya N., Ecwid Team

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