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Originally Posted by Yukari Lanson View Post
Echo Catum's point. The 'Add to Cart' button looks really dated and to change it should be easier. Also, he method of changing the 'Buy Now' button is different to how you change the 'Add to Cart' button, why!?

Thank you for your question!

The methods of changing the "Buy now" and "Add to Bag" buttons differ due to the fact that the "Buy now" ones are built with CSS3 instead of using uploaded images.

"Buy now" buttons were added to Ecwid with the CSS3 method. Such buttons have several advantages to the ones that use images:

1. Easier localization (it's easier to translate text than images)
2. Skinning/themeing (it's easier to change the look and feel with CSS than create several images)
3. Accessibility (screen readers can read properly, text scaling works properly)
4. Performance (the CSS is shared and so is loaded once from the server)
5. Functionality (it's easier to expand the button with new UX elements like dropdown arrow when you don't have to change the whole picture)

So, the only reason why the methods differ is that CSS3 "Buy now" buttons were added in Ecwid when we fully discovered the usability of the new method.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask.
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