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Originally Posted by pallavi.goenka View Post
In my mobile store, Ktha by Pallavi Goenka, I have loaded all the images as per the recommended sizes.

But in the mobile store:, the logo is too big and the product images are very small. I have checked this on both Blackberry and iPhone.
1. 250x250px isn't the recommended size for the mobile catalog's logo. It is the max size of the image you can upload. So please upload a smaller image on the System Settings -> General -> Mobile version page.

2. Ecwid's mobile catalog is designed for all kinds of mobile devices, not for the smart-phones only. That' why it doesn't use JavaScript at all (many old phones just cannot use it properly) and have small images (3G isn't still very popular in the world, GPRS can be very slow and expensive in some countries).

Maybe we will add a separate mobile version for smart-phones only, which will have bigger images and some neat JS animations.
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