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Originally Posted by The Wholeness Store View Post
Good day! We have been with Ecwid for quite a bit and plan on continuing, however, we have a brand new site being built from scratch opposed to our old network that support easy integration. The site builders are now asking for I quote " The details, username and API, all documents. Can you please tell me what I'm supposed to give them. Thank you.


To integrate your site to any web site, be it a custom-build website, CMS or a sitebuilder, you will only need to copy Ecwid integration codes from your control panel to that site. No APIs are needed for that. See also this video tutorial:

In case you need some specific integration, please elaborate on this a bit more, we will be glad to advise. Please also name the site building platform you use (if any) and quote the message you get from your developers.

Thank you.
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