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Originally Posted by matt adika View Post
Thank you so much I saw the test invoice and it works great!

I love you guys... I wish there was a way to integrate you into my new wordpress site..

i hate woocommerce with a passion! but its the only thing that will allow me to make the custom shopping cart the way I want it ;(

Thanks for the update!

Well, Ecwid can definitely be integrated with Wordpress and we have a very cool and easy-to-use plugin for it: Wordpress (downloaded)

The only issue I can see is that starting from March Ecwid can not be installed to the hosted version of Wordpress provided by There are two versions of Wordpress:

1. The one you host yourself on your domain with your hosting provider. It's basically a downloadable package provided by Ecwid can be easily installed there with the help of the article above.

2. The version which is hosted with It's the one which is not hosted by yourself, but is under the regulations. Starting from March Ecwid can not be installed there.

So, if you host your website yourself on your server instead of using you can keep using Ecwid just as usual. Of course, we'll be glad to help you adjust Ecwid to your needs or change design in any possible way.

By the way, Ecwid plugin for has a pretty cool feature called 'Chemeleon theme' which adjusts Ecwid theme to the pre-dominant colors of your website automatically.

However even if you have your website built with and really want to keep using Ecwid, what I can think of is to migrate your whole website to your own hosting and start using the downloaded version of Wordpress.

I Googled the articles on how to migrate a website from to and found something for you if you might consider this solution:

And I also found a video on YouTube on that matter:

Hope this helps you stay with us. If there's anything else I can assist you with, please ask!
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