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Thank you so much for your help! I will respond back with exactly what I'm looking to do for my store and I think a lot of people would use the feature. It would streamline being able to offer "packages" for any store. Allowing people a package allows you to up sell them easily by either forcing them in my case to buy the package if they want the product, or giving them a discount for buying it all at once, such as a clothing. "Buy the hat, shirt, pants and choose from these shoes and get 20% off your entire order!"

Would make anyone want to order the package when they really only came to buy the shirt.

Here is what I am trying to do:

Have different products that I can "group" together into one single "product" that displays each peice of the package as individual skus, but doesn't allow the customers to buy the main product separately only as a package.

We sell the fn 57 pistol only if they buy the package which is the pistol+Ammo+holster+mag pouch. Each I sell as individual products on my site, but do not want the customer to go and "find the products and add them manually.

The related products wouldn't work for this unless it forced them to add them to the cart.

I think the easiest way would be just to add a feature called "product packages" and allow us to add individual products to the "product packages" and then when someone clicks a product package it displays each product in the package on the same page and in some sort of a list with ONE TOTAL PRICE.

This would benefit the entire community I know others could use this to boost sales 100%. Right now I am doing it with the options and not giving them a choice not to select one of the options for $0. It works, but there is not real inventory control
Of the Insividual products in the package.

You can see on my website how I am doing it now here:

Thank you let me know!