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Originally Posted by fernando pinheiro View Post
Hello Liza,

thank you for the answer. I would like to ask one more thing on this topic.

I changed my webpage to Squarespace and I embedded ecwid's "buy" button and minicart widget.

You can visit the shop here

As you can see, Squarespace does not support SSL. I know ecwid supports SSL, but when I enter the shopping bag, the conection is still http. It only changes when I actually checkout with Paypal. Does this mean that if the customer enters his email and a password for future buying before the checkout, the conection won't be SSL secure?

Thanks a lot
Ecwid transfers all sensitive checkout information via secure HTTPS protocol.

However all the remaining data on your site is transferred via HTTP, that’s why your customer won’t see any security indicators on the site pages. If you want your customers to see that your site transfers all the information securely and to enable them to see the certificate, you will need to install a SSL certificate on your site. Please, refer to the second part of this article for details:
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