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Originally Posted by fernando juliano View Post
Hi there,

I've added Ecwid to my Wix store.

I am a bit concerned about Wix's lack of SSL. When the customer checks out using the Ecwid store, it's necessary to login or register. When the customer does it, does the data get through Ecwid's SSL? I don't want the data to be interceptable. If it runs through Wix's interface without SSL, all the communication will be interceptable.

So I'd like to know if all communication done in Wix through Ecwid is SSL secured.



Ecwid transfers all sensitive information via secure HTTPS protocol. It's one of the Ecwid advantages — you don't need to get an SSL certificate to get secure checkout. So when your customers go to checkout and see the padlock they know that these pages are SSL secure. Please, refer to this article for details:
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