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Originally Posted by Linda Fufufashions View Post
I have products on my old payvment account and they did not transfer to my Ecwid account. I cannot access them now to remove or edit. How do I get to them and delete or move them over to my ecwid account?? Thanks!
Hi Linda,

Payvment closed their services and all stores on March 1, 2013 unfortunately. We didn't acquire anyhow Payvment assets (like their servers, domain names, client's data) - that all remained under Payvment property. Ecwid was only offered as an alternative shopping cart. Payvment contacted all users and provided a tool to migrate products to Ecwid. But the migration was optional, and users needed to do it themselves through their Payvment profiles. If one hadn't migrated, the account data was lost when Payvment closed.
So I'm sorry it appears we don't have your account data.

I invite you to start over and open your store with Ecwid. We'll be glad to help you with all questions and issues.

How to proceed:

1. Create an account with Ecwid. It's easy:
you can do so at
click 'Create new account' link and fill in four fields, or click to sign up via your profile at a social network on the left.

2. If you have just a few products you can add them manually at If you have many products, it's possible to import them all at once via import feature. Do you have a list of products stored e.g. on your computer? Or on a website?

NOTE: when you sign up you will receive free account that will remain free as long as you wish. It has all necessary tools to open and run online store. Yet there's 10 products limit. If you're going to sell more items, you should consider obtaining a paid plan. More information on our plans
on our site and
in our knowledge-base:

If you want to give it a try first, you surely can keep free account, add just a few products and test if that works for you.

3. Launch Ecwid store on your Facebook page. Instructions:

Please, let me know if you have questions for now.

We offer the following help resources that you can always refer to:
- 101 pages with questions for newcomers:
- our knowledge-base with video tutorials:
- community forums: to contact our support team as well (we provide support there) and other Ecwid users who often share their experience and advice.
- more support channels for paid plans:
Maya N., Ecwid Team

Welcome to our new Help Center!