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Hi, I've have put a tabs on main site with some products from my test store.
I've used roktabs module and the "single product" widget code described here:
Problem is that thumbnail is above the tabs menu... (popular products in this case)
And second: how to put next thumbnails in line?

Maybe i should make a special category ( popular products) and insert link to this category?


ok, I have made some changes after I post text above, so it is out-of-date.
Question is: haw to display product from store on the tabs?


Still trying to display products form my ecwid store on main site using rokTabs.
I've used ecwid "single product" widget: ... er%20sites

and custom html module which is loading with RokTabs,like describing here:

Problem is that code of an image widget doesn't display product in RokTabs module.


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