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This is Charlie.

You see, the problem with that fix is we need to know what methods are available for your Brasil Correios account.

Let me start by explaining this: methods of this carrier are divided by contractual and non-contractual, and also they are marked with a corresponding code.

When a merchant connects their account, Ecwid uses the contractual methods. And they may not be available (or turned off) in your account. That's why we need to establish what methods of delivery are allowed. Here's the list of them:

SEDEX - 04014 (non-contractual)
SEDEX 10 - 40215 (non-contractual)
PAC - 04510 (non-contractual)
SEDEX Hoje - 40290 (non-contractual)
SEDEX a Cobrar - 40045 (non-contractual)

SEDEX - 40096 (contractual)
PAC - 41068 (contractual)
e-SEDEX - 81019 (contractual)

If you can't see the codes in your Brasil Correios account, you might want to consult their support on that. It's key for further investigation of why your account displays the error, when trying to be connected.

As far as the rates are concerned, can you give us the chart so we could see the difference? We don't have any complaints so far from people, who use this carrier with our default account. Tell us more about the issue, give some examples of the right rates, so we could look into that more.

Mind, that I deleted your private credentials from your previous message, as it's a public thread.
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