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Originally Posted by EarthSun View Post
I am setting ION (webhook) and I noticed that the Test endpoint doesn't work for URL with specific (none 80) port.
As long my URL is like it works but when I use

then it doesn't work (9877 none standard port)

I tested this with Python Twisted server using different ports and I used Python client (as well HTML form)

Can somebody confirm that Test endpoint for ION works only for port 80? or I am missing something?

-- jacek
Hello Jacek,
Thank you for raising this question. Calls to ION Cannon endpoint URL can be made via standard 80 and 443 ports for HTTP and HTTPS respectively. We also have 30000 port for HTTP connections open if there's a need to use a non-standard port. All other ports are closed for outbound connections and therefore can't be used to trigger the script on the ION Cannon endpoint URL.

Is there any specific reason why you would like to use 9877 port to fire ION Cannon?
Bulat F.,
Ecwid Team

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